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Student Escorts

Your Companion Models' Student escorts

Your Companion Models is the leading student escort agency in London. We pride ourselves on our escorts being every bit as intelligent and charming as they are beautiful. That’s why we are more than happy that so many of them are full or part-time students, studying as undergraduates and postgraduates in some of the best universities across London.

As well as guaranteeing that they can hold an interesting and scintillating conversation with gentlemen from a variety of backgrounds, working as an escort around their studies, provides our companions with a most enjoyable experience far removed from student life. Most go on to enjoy successful, professional careers in a wide range of fields, and so are already well aware of our clients’ lifestyles and individual requirements, particularly when it comes to both professionalism and discretion.

Giving their clients a sensational and unforgettable full girlfriend experience is our companions’ number one priority, whether they accompany you to see a show or enjoy a candlelit meal for two, or join you in a more private, intimate setting. If you wish to learn more about our student escorts, please take a look at their individual pages, which include everything you need to know, as well as genuinely representative full colour photographs that demonstrate just how beautiful they truly are.

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